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Welcome to Matt McVicker.com.  This page is designed to help you get started on your journey around my website.  My passion is Teaching others the powers of WordPress.  The last few years I have been designing websites and teaching small business owners how to utilize WordPress!  I’ve created several websites and successful marketing campaigns.  Now I’m here to […]

DIY Website Disasters

Wordpress Website

To have a successful online or offline business, you must have a website or better yet a wordpress website.   However, most of the times business owners don’t know if they should try to do it themselves (DIY) or if they should hire a professional wordpress website designer. With the evolvement of DIY websites, many […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Designer

Matt McVicker Feature 3

When looking for a WordPress Website Designer, it pays to know what it takes to create different types  and styles of websites, each requires a specific set of skills. But in order to know how to find the right person to hire, you should not only do your own research but also take the time […]

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Become the Shelter Your Daughter Needs

The Other Day my wife and I were cleaning our house before our friends came over, our youngest daughter who just turned one not too long ago, was walking around the living room and kitchen having a ball.  Then a knock at the door came, she quickly ran into the kitchen where I was standing, […]

2014 BMW 328i Review

2014 BMW 328i Review

Wait until I get finished with this 2014 BMW 328i Review, what a great Car for the Money and I can’t believe what kind of Gas Mileage I got with it too!!   Full Review to follow!!


How to Create Easy Professional Blog Graphics with Quozio.com

Welcome back to my series on How to Create Easy Professional Blog Graphics. Today we are going to explore the super simple and easy tool that is Quozio.com I really don’t think you could get much simpler than this. Granted this site is striclty for creating quotes over a graphic or if you wanted to […]


How to Create Professional Blog Graphics with Canva.com

Welcome to the fist part of the new series How to create professional blog graphics using free tools.  This post is going to be about the best of the free tools Canva.com.  At the time of this writing Canva is still invite only, so shoot me an email if you need an invite and we […]


New Series: How to Create Easy Professional Looking Blog Graphics

This morning I woke up and was going through the morning routine when I ran across this infographic that caught my attention.  I thought to myself this would make a great new series to show you guys how to create professional looking blog and pinterest graphics without having to have thousands of dollars of design […]


How to Search Google Like a Pro | Infographic

Check out this cool infographic I found over at hackcollege.com. Everybody spends more and more time each day searching the web for answers to questinos and incormation. Why not get better and faster at it and make the best use of your time. Did you know Google created shorcuts to help you do just that? […]

Social Media Cover Sizes

Social Media Cover Photo Image Sizes

The world around us is becoming more and more visual every day, especially in social media. Facebook started the trend with there large cover photo and the rest have followed suit. It can take alot of work to create a very nice looking cover photo for your profile if you don’t know what you are […]


Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times!

Ever wonder how you could get your blog post shared over a 1000 times? Me too. Luckily our friends over at Canva have put together this nifty infographic to help us out. If you have never heard of canva before make sure you check them out. They allow to create awesome graphics without all the […]